Spring clean your makeup kit

Get Organised!

Invest in two makeup bags – one for every day makeup and one for special occasion makeup. This will ensure a more time to do your makeup, less time digging and help prevent rushed smokey eye experimentation before running out the door!

Empty your makeup collection out onto onto a surface covered by a towel. Item by item, sort into three categories:

  • Every day – Be honest now 🙂 Your DAY TO DAY cosmetics, tools and brushes
  • Special occasion/Evening – Bold lipsticks, less frequently used brushes, smokey eyeshadow palette, those false lashes you got at MECCA last time you had your makeup done!
  • Anything left over – Including makeup that you don’t love, don’t use, are broken or expired!
    If there is no pile 3, you are a) you are already at expert status! b) have makeup attachment issues/living in makeup denial. There is hope, keep reading…

Size Matters

Choose bags relative to the size of your every day and special occasion makeup collection.

If you can’t zip up your bags and tuck away in the top drawer for easy storage, you need bigger makeup bags! We love Sportsgirl and Typo for cute and affordable bags you can throw in the washing machine and replace each spring without breaking the bank.


Typo Pencil Case $14.99 Makes the perfect special occasion makeup bag!

In terms of brushes and tools. Empty glass candle jars are the perfect brush and tool holders to ensure your brushes don’t get squashed and will remind you to clean them weekly (atleast!), lift excess wax residue with boiling water and detergent, place jars on a beautiful tray and you are Pinterest level chic and organised!

Polish and Revive!

Throw your makeup bag in the washing machine and clean your cosmetics cases and makeup brush handles with some tea tree oil on a hand towel and wipe over your makeup to remove dust, sanitise and leave sparkly clean! Wash your brushes with hand soap, shampoo or my favourite – ‘Sard Wondersoap’ from the laundry aisle and warm water for good as new brushes!

 NOTE: If you have any broken containers or cosmetics, decant into travel pots and containers to avoid spillage and contamination. Once again – see Kmart or Priceline for awesome makeup storage solutions.



Candle jars make the perfect storage solution for brushes, lipliners, eyeliners and brow pencils! Byredo & Diptique candles available at Mecca Cosmetica from $78


Its time to go….

If your mascara has a funky smell, your powder has a hard film, your foundation has separated or your eyeliner leaves your eyes red. KILL IT WITH FIRE.. or… If its MAC, you can return six empty MAC container to your nearest MAC store and they will give you a brand new lipstick of your choice to thank you for recycling as a part of their ‘back to Mac’ Program.


Look for this symbol on the back of your cosmetic and skincare packaging. This tells you how long after opening you can keep the product before it expires.


Trade Off!

Proving it hasn’t expired, if you haven’t used it in 6month… bin it, or have a skincare and cosmetic swap meet with your girlfriends, you all bring a few bits and pieces next time you meet up.

  • 1 point for your maybelline, covergirl, australis, models prefer
  • 2 points for loreal, bourgeois, bare minerals
  • 3 points for Chanel, Hourglass, By Terry

Swap with something of equal value…you get the picture.


The ultimate personal make-up


Book in for the ultimate personal makeup lesson and makeup bag makeover with an Airlie&Co makeup artist, who will help you sort out your cosmetic and skincare wardrobe, give you unbiased expert advice, and show you the potential of your current makeup bag.Up Skill: Are you feeling uninspired or not sure what your doing when it comes to makeup?

Whether you are looking to nail your ten minute morning routine, or be your own makeup artist for special occasions, this is an investment in YOU and also makes the perfect gift for those who have already have everything!!!

Call Tara now on 0450048116 or email tara@airlieandco.com.au to book!

*Dont forget to ask about our spring makeup lesson special offer!