Choosing Your Make-Up Artist

Picking the perfect makeup artist for this important day is one of the key success factors to a happy and radiant bride. The makeup artist is just as important as your wedding dress, the venue and the music. Your makeup artist is your saviour, and will determine the way you look on this unique and special day in your life. Airlie and Co have listed the essential five makeup tips, crucial to all budding-brides out there in, in determining what you should be looking for in a wedding makeup artist.

Decide on your dream look.

Different makeup artists specialise in different looks. While most of them will manage to make your wedding makeup look exactly as you want, chances are you’ll be better off letting your makeup artist know right at the start of the planning stages the kind of look and finish you wish to achieve.

Pinterest boards and mood boards are a great idea, but be careful what “inspo” you choose to show to your potential wedding makeup artist. A Caucasian bride trying to achieve a look shown on the face of an Asian or Armenian bride might be a difficult reference for your makeup artist. For best results, you should choose example photos that match your facial features and skin tones. A good idea is to choose images from the website, Instagram or Facebook page of the artist you are having look after your hair and makeup on your wedding day.



Don’t break the bank!

Makeup artists will have different rates, so you have to know in your planning stages what kind of money you’re willing to spend on your wedding makeup look. Contacting makeup artists whose rates are beyond your budget wouldn’t do you any good, unless you’re willing to prioritise makeup in your budget.

The makeup artist rates may differ for various reasons, such as the number of hours you will need their services, the location you need the makeup artist to travel to and the number of people that will need their makeup done for the big day. There is also the chance to have hair and makeup changes through the course of the day, or have your makeup artist on standby for checks at an additional cost.

Prices depend also on the skill, profile, professionalism and years of experience of the makeup artist; the more experienced, or in demand the artist is, the higher their rates. Don’t expect polished results if you are not willing to pay the price. Moreover, keep in mind that a bad makeup or unprofessional artist can ruin your wedding experience and the difference between an average and excellent makeup artist might only be the matter of $100-$200 for your makeup. Even the best photographer will have a hard time at making you look great, if your wedding makeup is not flattering and you feel uncomfortable.



When has too much research ever been a bad thing?

While the Internet is a great resource for finding beautiful wedding makeup looks, you shouldn’t overlook bridal magazines and Pinterest boards, as they may offer you priceless ideas. Save the photos of your favourite looks, pick the one you like the most, and try to find out the name and the contact details of the artist who made it. Most bridal magazines will publish this information. Alternatively, ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations for a wedding makeup artist.


Everybody loves a good before and after photo!

If the makeup artist has a website, checking out some of their previous work will be a breeze. If they don’t, try to find their work in bridal and beauty magazines, in order for you to get a feel of what they are able to achieve. Before and after photos of their previous clients are also great indicators of the finished look they are able to achieve. Ideally, you should be able to see some work that’s similar to the look you want. Moreover, look for the makeup artist’s attention to detail, or whether the wedding makeup matches the overall look and style. Take a closer look at images and ensure photos are not edited or overly filtered with skin smoothing and enhancing tools. It is also important to ensure your makeup artist is showcasing their current work on their website and social media.



Always try before you buy.

Once you’ve decided upon your makeup artist, and have gone through the above steps, request to have a trial session before the real event. This will give you the peace of mind that you’ll look as you want on your big day. This trial session is the perfect opportunity to get to know your makeup artist and to ask for adjustments to your wedding makeup look if required. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your makeup artist, should you be uncomfortable with any detail of your bridal look. A good makeup artist will invite your feedback.

During this trial, you want to gage your compatibility with your artist, it is a very intimate setting you will be inviting them into on your wedding morning so ensure they are the type of personality who you will enjoy being around.

It is also best to send your makeup artist your inspiration photos before the actual session so they can best prepare for your appointment.

Follow these simple guidelines to selecting the perfect wedding makeup artist for you, so you can be on your way to achieving beautiful, radiant makeup that enhances your features, wedding dress and bridal aesthetic. This is your special day, and it deserves thorough research, time and the right makeup artist to assist you in looking your most stunning self.



Ashleigh Davis