We are obsessed with all things makeup – red painted lips, inky eyeliner and guilded eyeshadow give us goosebumps – and we use only the most gorgeous, luxury and innovative brands and tools to get you looking your best.

We can’t wait to get to know you, we believe makeup is a collaboration and communication is key. We will listen intently to all details of your event to create a beautiful bespoke look that is very you. Capturing and enhancing your natural beauty is what makes us vibe. We want you to feel like the best version of yourself.

Your Airlie&Co makeup artist will bring you confidence building beauty, making you glow perfectly in person and photograph beautifully from every angle.

What we do best

We believe in the magic of feeling your most beautiful, best self! On your wedding day, having your dream look created for you by your artist will help you feel confident, relaxed, special and excited. Your professional makeup artist will know how to prepare different skin types, match skin tones and balance facial features to create individualised, beautiful and natural makeup. A professional makeup artist will not only ensure your makeup lasts into the evening but is also aware of lighting and weather to ensure you photograph beautifully.

We come to you. Our makeup artists travel to Sydney, Newcastle, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, the Hunter Valley and beyond. Relax, feel pampered and enjoy the company of your loved ones on this significant day. We believe that half the fun is getting ready!

Like all the best things in life, we believe love is the main ingredient. And we love what we do – enhancing a beautiful you.

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The little black bag

You will find a variety of luxe, high quality and professional cosmetic brands and makeup tools in our kits. Please see a list of some of our favourite brands below.

We love Lashes

We love lashes so much, that we can’t bare the thought of a bride without them, so we have included strip and individual lashes, complimentary for our brides, on the day and at the trial. Any additional lashes required by the bridal party can be purchased for $15pp for regular lashes, $25 for two pairs layered, or $49 for luxury velour reusable lashes for our lash queens.

Due to hygiene and quality control, we request that you choose from our large selection of strip and individual lashes on the day. If you have a favourite pair you would really like to use, you can have them approved by us prior to the day. Due to the extra time required in this instance, lash application using lashes supplied by you is $10pp.

Timing is everything

Depending on your requirements, a standard makeup application whether very natural or more dramatic will take between 45-60minutes of your time, and up to 90minutes for a bride or specialised makeup.

Preparation is key

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin! We highly recommend practising a morning and evening skin care regime, and having regular facials to ensure your best skin yet! On the morning of your booking, cleanse, gently exfoliate and lightly moisturise. If you are unsure of what moisturiser or product to use, leave it to us. We will hydrate and prime your skin prior for best makeup results.

Sensitive Souls

Do you have sensitive skin and allergies? We want to ensure everyone can be included in the pampering. If you know what you are allergic or sensitive to, we will do our best to avoid that particular ingredient so you can still have your makeup done. Please give us as much notice as possible so we can do our research to ensure you are looked after.

Clean Queens

Good hygiene and safe sanitary practice are of the utmost important to us. Your makeup artist will use clean, sanitised makeup brushes and tools such as eyelash curlers and tweezers for each client. We request a room to set up in which has good ventilation, natural sunlight and a large clean surface area to work from. Mints and hand sanitiser are available from your makeup artist.

Due to the highly contagious nature of such virus’s and infections such as cold sores and styes, extra time is required to set up a makeup area in which all disposable brushes. tools, sponges and decanted products are required. There is a $30 surcharge if you wish to participate in the pampering on the day.

We understand this can be an embarrassing or sensitive topic, so will ensure discretion and privacy when discussing this matter.

Help us help you!

Please arrange for a large clear surface such as a dining table with good natural light and ventilation to be made available to your stylist when they arrive.

Let’s make this last

With most of our makeup artists having a television and film background, we know the importance of having your makeup last from the early hours and into the evening. We will always use products and application techniques with durability and longevity in mind. Your skin type, the weather and how well you look after your makeup, will determine exactly how well your makeup lasts. We recommend having a touch-up kit with you on the day consisting of a powder, lipstick and gloss at minimum. We have touch up kits available for order from $85.

Can I take you home with me?

No, but you can take us to your event with you! For the queen of the night, or the bride who can’t decide! We provide the option to have a hair and makeup touch-ups and changes at your party or event.

Packages start from $400

No Regrets! Ok… Maybe some

You can book in with a makeup artist who is skilled in tattoo cover. Depending on the area of the tattoo, we can cover it using specially formulated product. We do require prior notice that you will require this service. Due to the extra time required, tattoo coverage starts from $40 for a small tattoo.

As much as we use all of our best efforts to avoid transfer, please be aware that there is the potential risk that the tattoo coverage makeup can transfer onto your garments and others when you hug or brush against them.  Please carefully consider if this is a risk you are willing to wear.

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