Our love affair with hair.

We believe in feeling your most beautiful and best self. Having your dream look created for you by your hair stylist will help you feel confident, relaxed and special. Your professional hair stylist will know how to prepare different hair types, marry in the correct products and balance head and face shapes to create individualised and beautiful hair.  A professional hair stylist will not only ensure your hair lasts into the evening but is also aware of location and weather to ensure you photograph beautifully.

Between swishy polished blowdries and effortless looking up styles, we will be in our element creating your dream hairstyle.

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We come to you in the comfort of your home or accommodation and travel to Sydney, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands, The Hunter Valley, Orange, Byron and beyond. Relax, feel pampered and enjoy the company of your loved ones on this significant day. We believe that half the fun is getting ready!

Put your best hair forward

We love CLEAN hair! In our experience, we get gorgeous, longer lasting results when working on clean hair. Please wash your hair (shampoo twice and condition the lengths with quality conditioner – no hotel shampoo jobs please) the night before or morning of your booking. Please have someone ready to be in the chair with clean, dry hair so we can start on time when we arrive. We can add grip, texture and that ‘next day’ feel using product if required.

Avoid any heavy treatments or oils in the week prior to the booking. Please do not straighten hair prior to hair styling.

Your last visit to your hairdresser for a colour should be 1-2 weeks prior to your wedding. But not the best to try out a new do in this appointment! Skip your last cut if you are wearing your hair down, we prefer to work with natural ends they don’t look to ’sharp’.

Note: If you are having a blow-dry only, you can arrive with damp or dry hair (we can spray you down in the chair).

Depending on your hair thickness, type, length and requirements blowdries take 20-40min and waves, curls and upstyles 45-1hr 15min.

The little black bag

You will find a variety of luxe, high quality and professional haircare brands and hair tools in our kits. Please see a list of some of our favourite brands below

Wigs, wefts and other wonders of the world

As not all of us are blessed with thick, shiny, voluminous hair that lasts all day, we stock Australian owned headlines hair extensions. The clip in extensions come in a range of beautiful wearable colours, in varying thicknesses, styles and lengths.

We choose to stock headlines hairpieces for a number of reasons. The ultimate combination of half European and half Asian hair is perfect for stylists to work with. The European element creates the softness and the Asian element creates the strength. These combinations result in natural beautiful locks, keeping the quality of their hairpieces high.

If you already know the joy of hair extensions and either has your own clip ins, beads, weft or tapes, we are happy for you! We love big hair!  However, due to the extra time required to style in hair extensions, there is a $30 surcharge.

Everyone should know the joy of having good hair, If you or someone in your group is wearing a wig or hair piece, we will ensure it is discreetly fitted correctly to ensure confidence and pure fabulousness.

My hair is wild!

If you have curly, frizzy or wavy hair and would like it smoothed and straightened, please don’t iron straight your hair prior to your appointment as it will likely lose elasticity and interfere with us being able to achieve best hair results. If you would like your hair smoothed prior to styling, please blowdry it, or have it blowdried the day before or book in for a blow-dry prior to your booking. Due to the extra time required, there is a $30 surcharge for an additional blow-dry.

Make it rain girl, make it rain (Just kidding, please don’t)

We will choose products and techniques and suggest styles which will work harmoniously with your hair type to ensure it lasts as best as possible. If you are wearing your hair down, depending on your hair type and the weather, your hair will soften and drop in varying degrees over the course of the day. If it is raining, or you are in tropical weather, prepare to put your hair up if you want it to last all night. Please also consider staying inside or under an umbrella out of the mist and rain if possible. If you are wearing your hair up, you can ensure you will have sufficient product and effective pinning to see the hair through the evening. You can discuss this with your hair stylist at your trial.

Flower Power

We love fresh flowers, however as they are delicate, please let your florist know what you are planning to do with the flowers so they can wrap floristry wire on the ends, thus allowing us to pin in them in without breaking or damaging them.

Veils, Clips and Accessories

The addition of clips, hair pieces, accessories and veils can add an extra element of beauty and magic to your look. We will expertly fit and securely pin in your hairpiece or veil to ensure it stays firmly in place for the duration of your event. This service is complimentary within your booking.

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